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Add Rupee Symbol in HTML

The Indian currency sign was presented to the public by Indian government 15 july 2010. The Unicode Technical Committee accepted the proposed code for use of html pages. This currency sign is available in unicode 6.
Unicode is U+20B9, in HTML it can be use by ‘₹‘. This will run successfully by unicode 6.
Now a days various solutions are available to use this new symbol. For example WebRupee is provide an API to use the Rupee symbol over the web.
Here is step by step information of use of this currency on web in e-commerce websites, webpages etc. We have used font and css of Indian currency designed by Webrupee.com

How To Use Symbol

  1.  Download font and css Rupee Symbol Download
  2. Put rupeefont folder in your project and add this code just before </head> tag
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="rupeefont/rupeefont.css" />
  3. Add this code  where you need to display rupee symbol
    <span class="WebRupee">&#x20B9;</span>

    For example Rs. 100 will be <span class=”WebRupee”>&#x20B9;</span> 100